Back to the Beginning

This gorgeous purple hand blown glass bellybowl was one of our first glass attempts. It turned out even more stunning than we could have hoped! It helps to revisit the past to get inspiration for our future!



Twins in their Belly Bowl

These twins felt right at home in their very first dwelling together.



Dark Underwater Pregnancy Bowl

This hand-painted porcelain belly bowl makes evokes an underwater scene, making us a crave a day at the beach!


Florida Family Commissions Pastel Handblown Glass Belly Bowl

This stunning handblown glass bellybowl was a one-of-a-kind piece commissioned by a Florida family.

It echoes the colors of the ocean and the beach and looks stunning in their nursery!



Capture Your Pregnancy Forever with a One-of-a-Kind Porcelain BellyBowl!

Showcasing one of our elegant yet simple porcelain belly bowls in grey and white.

Notice the top bowl contains the original cast! You can see how we create these stunning pieces from the form of your pregnant belly.

grey porcelain with cast grey white porcelain grey white porcelain 2


Oscar Themed Glass Belly Bowl

With the highly anticipated Oscars this evening, we wanted to showcase our incredibly special, golden-hued, hand blown glass belly bowl.


oscar bowl full

oscar bowl edges oscar bowl inside
To see more of our one of a kind pieces, visit our website at


Cobalt Blue Glass Bowl from the shape of a pregnant belly casting

Crafted by our amazing glass artist Melissa Misoda!

IMG_3842 white bkgd




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