KING 5 Stylist Darcy Camden Bellybump Cast

It all starts with a pregnant belly casting…

Darcy Camden, the Stylist of KING 5′s New Day Northwest television show, was one week overdue when she had her belly cast made by BelliVita.

Darcy Camden A casting

Darcy Camden B casting

Darcy Camden C casting

A few days later when our artist contacted her to find out what colors Darcy would prefer in the creation of her blown glass bowl, Darcy was already in labor. “Just pick what you think would be best,” she said between deep breaths.

The resulting bowl features a soft, robins-egg blue exterior with a “golden sunrise” interior. Says Darcy…

“It’s amazing, just amazing! It turned out more beautiful than I ever could have picked. Besides the baby, it is the most beautiful thing in our house. Plus it’s so precious to have a treasured memento from the pregnancy because that goes away so quickly!”

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Mama in the Now Reviews BelliVita’s Self-Casting Kit

Mama in the Know Blog Crop“BelliVita’s Self-Casting kit included everything required to make a mess-free and simple belly casting: drop cloth, plastic gloves, vaseline, wipes and of course the plaster. I think both my husband and I were both apprehensive about the casting, worried that we would fail at this initial yet rather crucial step of the process. Finally, we pulled ourselves together and last weekend we spent a mere 30 – 40 minutes casting my belly.  Jansen, our youngest, was a little worried about the mess we created, so he was quick to help clean up around me.”

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Son Helps with Mom’s Pregnancy Belly Casting

This “big brother to be” was so happy to help as he waits with eager anticipation for his new baby brother’s arrival!

Belly casting brother-1-2 blog

Belly casting brother-3-4 blog

Belly casting brother-5-6 blog

Brother holds bowl white bkgd sm


Belly Casting Featured on Evening Magazine

From the initial application of warm, wet plaster bandages, to the final shaping and painting, this video illustrates how BelliVita’s beautiful porcelain bowls are made.