Cobalt Blue Glass Bowl from the shape of a pregnant belly casting

Crafted by our amazing glass artist Melissa Misoda!

IMG_3842 white bkgd




Blown Glass Belly Bowl in Silver, White and Yellow

Crafted by the amazing glass artist Melissa Misoda!



Grey White Lime edge


Fuchsia and Blue Pregnancy-Cast Belly Bowl

With thanks to our amazing glass artist Melissa Misoda!

IMG_3914 white bkgd




Golden Sunrise Blown Glass Bellybowl

Darcy Camden, the Stylist of KING 5’s New Day Northwest television show, was one week overdue when she decided to have her belly cast made by BelliVita.

When our artist contacted her to find out what colors she’d like used in the creation of her blown glass bowl, Darcy was already in labor. “Just pick what you think would be best,” she said.

The resulting bowl features a soft, robins-egg blue exterior with a “golden sunrise” interior. Says Darcy…

“It’s amazing, just amazing! It turned out more beautiful than I ever could have picked. Besides the baby, it is the most beautiful thing in our house. Plus it’s so precious to have a treasured memento from the pregnancy because that goes away so quickly!”

View the entire segment (and watch the casting process) on King 5’s video >

Read an article here >

blown glass bellybump pregnant belly bowl

bellybump bowl pregnant belly cast bowl
pregnant belly bowl blown glass BelliVita

Four weeks after Wesley was born, Darcy contacted the talented Sarah Sweetman Photography to take Wesley’s first photos… snuggled inside the bowl that will forever commemorate his first home:

Wesley Light Blue Gold Orange interior


Light Blue and Red Glass Bellybump Bowl

apricot belly1

bellybump pregnant belly bowl

pregnancy belly bowl BelliVita detail5


Light Blue and Orange Blown Glass Pregnancy-Cast Belly Bowl

pregnancy belly cast glass bowl BelliVita

pregnancy belly bowl BelliVita detail 4


In Honor of Sweden

This lovely blue and yellow blown glass pregnancy belly bowl was crafted in commemoration of the colors of Sweden’s flag, as per the family’s wishes:

sweden belly

Sweden pregnancy belly bowl

sweden belly4



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