Beautiful Sophia and her Belly Bowl




Update, One Year Later:

Sophia Belly Bowl 1 Year crop sm
Beautiful Sophia continues to take our breath away… barely fitting into her belly bowl at age 1!

Update, May 2013:

Shortly after boarding a plane to attend a pregnancy event in Los Angeles, our artist Laura Marie, who was holding a belly bowl sample to display at the event, was tapped on the shoulder. “Is that a belly bowl?”

BelliVita client Sophia's momLaura Marie looked up and exclaimed, “Yes! How do you know?!”

The young woman replied, “you casted me fifteen months ago! My baby is Sophia.”

Laura Marie quickly dug into her bag for a BelliVita business card and Information Card, on which Sophia’s adorable photo had been used in the design. When Laura Marie handed it to the young woman, she squealed with delight to see that HER baby was on EVERY piece of BelliVita’s marketing materials.

Above is Sophia’s mom, standing next to the Captain of the flight with our display bowl. Talk about a serendipitous meeting!

Please note: before having a photo taken with your infant in or with one of our pregnancy belly bowls, please read our Photography Disclaimer.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Michelle King
    May 23, 2013 @ 20:20:55

    amazing pictures….of course I am the proud grandma.


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