In Memory of JJ


JJ-12bowlThis belly bowl has particular importance to its mother:  although her baby “JJ” was kicking when they casted her belly, he was meant to be an angel instead of a little boy. This bowl is a physical reminder of the time he and his mother spent together.

In the words of JJ’s mother…

Every time I look at my Belli Bowl I am reminded of a time in my life that was filled with an incredible amount of emotions.   It is such a priceless piece of art with so much meaning to my husband and I.  The bowl reminds us both of what was to be.

After finding out that we were going to have a baby, I immediately scoured the internet for ways to preserve these memories that I was experiencing.  After seeing a picture of one of BelliVita’s bowls, I was instantly drawn to it.  They were absolutely beautiful and I had to have one of my own. 

After some email exchanges and a lovely phone call with Laura Marie, I was sent out my kit to do at home.  Then on Super Bowl Sunday 2011, while the guys were watching their game, the girls and I had our own “Super Bowl Party”.  What a fun day that was!  I was shocked at how big my belly was after looking at the cast and I could not wait to see what my finished bowl would look like.

That Thursday, at my 37 week checkup, we received news that would change our lives forever.  The doctor told us that he was unable to find a heartbeat.  Our little baby boy had gone home to be amongst the angels.

The memories that Laura Marie creates through her art is a very special gift.  While my son is not here with me, I am able to look at my bowl and smile at the time that we did have with him.  Belli Vita’s art not only captures some of the most happy times in peoples’ lives, but also preserves those memories that are all that we have to look back on.

Life is so short and precious that we should appreciate every moment that we have with our loved ones.

Photos ©2009 by Gail Ann Photography.


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